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Hillsong College


As a College, we believe that each one of us has been put on this earth for a God-designed and specific reason. God has and does provide ways for us to be individually equipped so that we can successfully achieve His purposes for our lives. This purpose is ultimately centered around worshipping God, fulfilling our role in the church and serving the community in which we live, all to bring glory to God. Hillsong College is an empowering training ground, to enhance the God-given gifts on your life so that you can play your part in expanding God's Kingdom.

Here are some details you may want to know before you embark on your journey with us here at Hillsong College.

Fees & Costs

The minimum course runs for one year - two consecutive semesters. Fees are listed per year for your study period. Course fees are payable prior to the commencement of the semester.


 Cert IV of Ministry / Diploma of Ministry (each)


Annual Fee's


Pastoral Leadership



Worship Music



TV & Media*









* Available at Hills Campus only
† Available for Cert IV only


Advanced Diploma of Ministry

Annual Fee's


Pastoral Leadership



Worship Music




Application Fees



Recognition of Prior Learning application fee


Late Enrollment Fee


Application (Australian/ New Zealand)


Application (Overseas)



Accommodation Fees

Accommodation Administration Fee
(A one-off fee, to engage us to secure Accommodation for you)

$200 ($275 if more than 14days notice is NOT given)

Utilities Deposit (A one-off fee, refundable when all accounts are settled)

Maintenance Deposit (refundable when there are NO repairs needed) $150

Shuttle Bus (Hills campus only)
(A one-off fee, for us to arrange transport from the airport to the College, at arrival)



Overseas Health Cover - Premiums




1 Year



2 Years



3 Years




NB: All fees (including Course, Application, Accommodation and Overseas Health Fund fees) are indicative at the time of publication and may be subject to change. 

*Does not guarantee that accommodation will be available- fee is refundable in the event that the College is unable to secure accommodation. Please refer to Accommodation information listed under Life on Campus for further details on College Housing. 


Fee Payment:

International Students - Your first Semester fees must be paid in order to receive a CoE (Certificate of Enrolment)

Fees must be paid prior to or at Enrolment at the start of each Semester, failing to do so will incur a 10% administration fee.



Refund Policy:

Our refund policy is detailed in our Student Handbook



There are a number of steps you will need to follow in order to apply for a Certificate IV / Diploma Course. Follow the steps below to effectively apply to begin your training for a life of significance.

Step 1: Check you meet the entry requirements

Students wanting to gain entry to the Certificate IV/Diploma Courses, need to meet the following:

  • A definite salvation experience
  • A conviction that there is a call of God on their life
  • A minimum entry age of 18
  • A satisfactory Pastoral reference (on the Pastoral Reference Form provided) 
  • Ongoing commitment to Christ and consistent involvement in a local church for longer than 12 months
  • An assessment by the College that the applicant is likely to successfully complete the course
  • Be proficient in written and spoken English. Students for whom English is a second language should demonstrate their English language skills with an IELTS result of and average of 5.5 on the general text.


Step 2: Choose the semester in which you wish to study

Hillsong College has 2 intakes: January and July. You can enrol for either one. Have a look at our events for specific information regarding dates.


Step 3: Check your VISA requirements (International Students only)

Students who are travelling from overseas (excluding New Zealand) are required to obtain a Student Visa. Visa conditions include satisfactory academic performance and attendance. When applying for visas, note that CRICOS codes for either the Vocational Courses listed under Course Information. 

It is also a requirement that you have sufficient funds in order to support yourself while you are studying. 

Contact the Australian Embassy in your country for further details.


Step 4: Choose your course

You can choose to study ONE of the following courses:


Step 5: Apply Online

You can choose to study ONE of the following streams:


Step 6: Apply By Mail

Download an application form here, print it out for completion and then submit it by the folliwing methods:

  • By Mail:
    Hillsong International Leadership College 
    Admissions office
    PO BOX 1195 Castle Hill
  • By Fax - +61 288535298
  • By Email - Scan your documents and send them to

Please also ensure that you include any supporting documents and photographs as outlined on the Application Form. 

Additional Information

  • If you are an International Student, you should allow enough time to obtain your VISA and to organise your flight to Australia
  • Cost of living 
  • You may also want to see more information about Life on Campus
  • To gain a better understanding about what to expect at Hillsong College, as well as what we expect of you as a student, please refer to our Student Handbook.
  • We appreciate that your privacy is very important. Hillsong Church has adopted a Privacy Policy, as we recognise the right of people to keep their personal information private. 
  • Please visit our FAQ's Page for more helpful information

International Students

Education Services for Overseas Students Act

The delivery of training to international students is governed by the ESOS Act. (see ESOS framework )

Student Visa Requirements

International Students (that is, students who are not Australian or New Australian citizens or permanent residents) must obtain a Student Visa to study in Australia.
Student Visas are issued by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). To apply for a Student Visa students will require a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), a document that is issued by the education provider (in this case Hillsong College). A CoE can only be issued to a student after they have been accepted into Hillsong College and a minimum fee payment has been made. Once the CoE is received the student will need to apply for a Student Visa by contacting DIAC or their closest Australian Embassy (see ). To apply for a Student Visa online please visit . Student Visas applications can take anywhere between a few days to 3 months to be processed. Please note that students cannot submit a Student Visa application more than 100 days prior to the enrolment date of their chosen education provider.

For further information about Student Visas please contact DIAC or your closest Australian Embassy ( .

While you are at College...

In order to ensure you maintain the requirements of your Visa, please take note of the following:

  • Satisfactory Attendance: 80% attendance of your course is required.
  • All students are required to maintain an acceptable standard of course progress throughout the semester. Progress is monitored regularly and support is offered to students who are not progressing satisfactorily. An unsatisfactory level of progress is when a student receives marks of "Not Yet Competent" in more than 50% of a semester's assessments. 
  • When a student has received marks of 'Not Yet Competent' in more than 50% of their assessments, a supportive strategy (or Course Intervention Strategy) will be implemented.
  • Students must meet the requirements of the college in 'Attendance and Behavioural Policies' to maintain their place in the course.

International English Language Testing System

If English is not your first language, please note that to satisfactorily complete your course, you need to be able to speak and write English at an acceptable level. Applicants need to provide evidence through one of the following methods, to show that they can successfully study,

1. Provide proof of an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) result of an average of 5.5 on the General test with no individual score below 5.0.
2. Onsung College Online Placement Test
3. Alternatively, a student can meet the English requirement by enrolling in and successfully completing the 'English for Theology Level 1' course provided by Australia Onsung International College prior to commencing studies with Hillsong College.

Working on Student Visa

A Student Visa will allow you to work up to 20 hours per week during studying periods, and unlimited hours during semester breaks. To find out more about working on a Student Visa please visit

Health Cover

All International Students are required to pay for Health Cover as part of their Visa requirements. When enrolling into the course you have the option to include Health Cover. Hillsong College partners with Australian Health Management (AHM) to provide students with Health Cover. The College will set up the policy in your name before you arrive and your AHM card will be available for you at enrollment. Please visit for more information.  

Bank Accounts

There are many banks to choose from, so make sure you research the best option for your banking needs. To open an account, you will need: Passport and Commencement Letter from College (or a valid Student ID card)

You must open an account within 6 weeks of arriving in Australia otherwise banks will require an Australian ID.

Living in Australia 


Australia does get hot, but it also gets quite cold in the Winter. In summer it ranges between 28o C - 33oC (82oF- 91oF). In winter it ranges between 12oC-18oC (53oF - 65oF) Check out this website for more information on Australia's weather.   


  • Summer: December - February
  • Autumn: March - May
  • Winter: June - August
  • Spring: September - November


As Summer is very hot, bring light clothing and swimwear as there are great beaches in Australia.

For Winter months, bring a warm jacket, pullovers, knitwear and long-sleeve shirts. Most International Students are surprised at how cold it can be. Houses are not insulated in the same way as homes in the United States or European countries, so be prepared for cold weather.

Dependant Schooling Options

As it is required that any school age child must be enrolled in either public or private schools, the following websites may prove helpful in providing information on schools in New South Wales:

As the course schedule can be quite demanding at times, you may require extra support in the form of after school care. Please also take this into consideration when finding school options for your children.


The traditional Australian school year runs from January to December, with the main holiday being over Christmas, which is the southern hemisphere summer period. As such, our semester breakdown is based on this structure, however students can enter the course in either of our two intakes per year (January or July).

Our minimum course runs for one year (two consecutive semesters). Students beginning their course in January will finish in December; students beginning in July will finish in July of the following year.

Calendar for 2014 


Semester 1 Commences: Tuesday 28th January

Semester 1 Finishes: Sunday 6th July


Semester 2 Commences: Thursday 17th July

Semester 2 Finishes: Tuesday 2nd December



Semester 1 Commences: Tuesday 27th January

Semester 1 Finishes: Sunday 6th July


Semester 2 Commences: Thursday 16th July

Semester 2 Finishes: Tuesday 1st December




Semester 1 Commences: Wednesday 27th January

Semester 1 Finishes: Monday 11th July


Semester 2 Commences: Thursday 21st July

Semester 2 Commences: Tuesday 6th December


Please take Semester Finish dates into consideration when making travel plans and do not book flights until after these dates. (ie. it is very important if you are booking a Round-Trip flight that has a one year validity, that you ensure you can stay until after your final semester ends).

*All students are required to be here at 9am for Enrolment on the first day of semester or will be subject to the Late Enrolment Fee.

** Students have the exciting opportunity as a requirement of the course to participate in all Hillsong conferences and events throughout the year. Often this is a time when family and friends like to visit and attend the conference as a delegate. Click here for more information on our Conferences (Students do not need to register for any conference).


  • Q: How long do I have to wait to get a response from you once I have submitted my application?

    Once we have received a completed application, you will get a response in a few days. If your application is not complete, we will contact you requesting that you submit the remaining aspects of your application. Please note that incomplete applications cannot be processed.

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  • Q: What if I haven't known my pastor for more than 12 months?


    In this case, we would request that you get a Pastoral Reference form from both your current pastor and your previous church pastor, or your small group leader can fill out the form and have your current pastor sign off on it.

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  • Q: Can I get a different pastor than from my home church to fill out the Pastoral Reference form (i.e. My university/college pastor rather than my home pastor)?

    We prefer the Pastoral Reference form to come from the pastor that you put on your application as your home church.

  • Q: Do I need to be water baptised or baptised in the Holy Spirit to apply?

    No, but it would be a good idea to read the Hillsong Church "What We Believe" statement available on the church web site ( as these are taught as being fundamentals in your Christian walk.

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  • Q: Do I need to be attending a local church to apply?

    We require that you have been attending one church for at least 12 months prior to applying to study.

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  • Will I need a car?

    It would be your personal preference if you decide to buy a car as you will not be required to own one for college. However, having a car broadens your ability to work.

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  • Q: What is the difference between the Hills and City campus? Which do you think is the better one of the two?

    Academically there is no difference between our two campuses. The courses are identical and all of our key pastoral and lecturing staff teach at both campuses equally.

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  • Q: Does Hillsong College teach English?

    At present the college does not have English language courses.

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  • Q: Can I study Pastoral Leadership and Worship Music at the same time? Or can I study TV&Media and Worship Music at the same time?

    Due to the course load, it is not possible to study more than one stream at a time.

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  • Q: What are the hours like at college? (times) Is there a day off? Weekend requirements... what does this mean?

    College runs from 8:00AM until approximately 3:00-4:00PM four days per week (daily finish times vary depending on your personal timetable). Students are also required to serve in two of the weekend church services as a part of their course. Yes - you will get one day off in the Mon-Fri week.

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  • Q: I have previously studied at another college, can I be exempt from certain classes as I've already studied that class - RPL?

    Once you've been accepted to the college, you can obtain an RPL policy.

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  • Q: Should I bring a laptop or desktop computer?

    The college library has a number of computers with internet access available for student use. However, many students do decide to bring a laptop. While it isn't required for you to have a laptop it would be incredibly useful for you in completing the course. Students with laptops can access the Hillsong College Internet to view the Student Portal and College website.

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  • Q: Is there any required or recommended software for any of the courses?

    Students are not required to purchase any programs as a part of their course however there are programs used in the TV & Media and Worship Music Streams that students may want to familiarise themselves with before arrival. For the TV & Media Stream, students are primarily trained using MAC computers and the following programs are used: Final Cut Studio (Mac), Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. For the Worship Music stream, Garage Band (mac) is used. Please note that if any of these programs are required as a part of class instruction or necessary for assessment purposes, students will be given access to them and will not be required to have their own copy of the program.

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  • Q: Are printers available on campus for students or will I need one of those as well?

    2 laser printers are available to students using the college library computers.

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  • Q: I am married with a family, do you have daycare for my children... Can you cater for them?

    The College does not provide daycare services for children. But we can connect you to some college couples who will be able to assist you in finding schools or daycare centres closest to your place of stay. We recommend that you plan to arrive at least 2 weeks before Orientation and Enrollment.

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  • Q: Does the college offer financial aid or loans?

    The college is unable to provide scholarships or financial aid. Students raise their finances by either working before coming to college and saving, or having friends, family or church members support them. Whilst saying this, please do not discount God's ability to intervene in your circumstances. We have many students both past and present that God has miraculously provided a means by which they have come to college.

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  • Q: My Family from America is planning to come out for Hillsong Conference/Graduation, can the College help accommodate them during their stay?

    You would need to ask your housemates or friends if you want your family to stay with you.

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  • Q: Can I get a job at Hillsong Church after graduating from college?

    Hillsong Church and College are firmly committed to "championing the cause of the local church". To that end, we see that a team is built by relationship (as well as skill, character, integrity and gifting) rather than a secular 'job hunting' model. The College does not offer a job placement scheme as such and the onus is on you to build relationship and sow yourself into the life of your home church so much so, that the leadership of your church (or denomination) is compelled to put you on staff because of the responsibility, excellence and ownership you lead with.

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  • Q: Is it hot in Australia all year round?

    Australia does get hot,but it also gets quite cold as well. The temperature in Australia ranges from 28° C to 33° C (82° F - 91° F) in Summer to 12° C to 18° C (53° F - 65° F) in Winter during the day and 4° C to 6° C (40° F - 43° F) during the night.

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  • Q: What clothes do I need to bring?

    Summer months are quite warm. Bring light summer clothes. For winter, we recommend a warm jacket and jumpers (sweaters), scarves and gloves.

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  • Q: What books do I need to bring? Can I find out what books I will need before coming to college?

    As a part of your studies you will need an NIV Student bible. All other textbooks are available for students in the College Library and lecture notes are provided on the Student Portal. The book list is given out in the first few weeks of lectures. 

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  • Q: Why do fees differ from stream to stream?

    Streams differ in regards to the number of trainers and the the type and amount of equipment and resources needed to give each student the best training experience. The difference in fees between streams reflects the higher trainer to student ratio and more expensive equipment requirements for training in some areas of ministry. Our Fees are calculated to allow us to resource the stream effectively making the whole learning experience as rewarding as possible.

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